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SMPE Management Plugin

It would be useful to add basic SMPE management functions into z/OSMF. Currently, when using Software Update, if there is a problem with the CSI you have to switch to the ISPF Plugin to enter the panel to make appropriate changes to the CSI (such ...
3 days ago in z/OS / z/OSMF 1 Future consideration

Allow Changing Password from z/OSMF Login

Currently, when a user with an expired password attempts to login to z/OSMF they will receive a rejection to their logon. Users should be presented with a process to update their password from within z/OSMF itself. The current user experience is u...
4 days ago in z/OS / z/OSMF 1 Submitted

Workflow steps view: Additional column for a short user note

A column for a short user note for each step would be helpful in the overview of all workflow steps. Today you have Step Notes but they are only visible when you open this step. Workflows with many steps could be much better processed by the user ...
11 days ago in z/OS / z/OSMF 0 Future consideration

Workflow steps that are skipped should show the reason for skip in the state column

Workflow steps can be skipped by the z/OSMF user who is working with that workflow or by a discovery step within the workflow. For a workflow with many steps it's important to have the overview why a step was skipped directly in the workflow steps...
11 days ago in z/OS / z/OSMF 0 Future consideration

Add job classes REST call to z/OSMF API

It would be useful if the z/OSMF REST API allowed you to get a list of all job classes on a system, this could be used in IDE extensions, external management tools or automating documentation.
11 days ago in z/OS / z/OSMF 0 Future consideration


It would be useful if we could get an API to manage digital certificates or at the minimum get a list of keyrings and certificates on the system. A RACDCERT API could be used for external management tools and to make utilities that give notificati...
10 days ago in z/OS / z/OSMF 0 Future consideration

zOSMF - NCA Allow comparision of policies between stacks

It shall be possible to compare an AT-TLS policy (and as well all other technologies available in NCA) between two defined TCPIP Stacks. As I can have a staggered approach to deploy new rules or other attributes of a policy for stack A, I want to ...
4 days ago in z/OS / z/OSMF 0 Submitted

Allow a signed workflow definition to reside on a remote system

We keep our workflow (WF) definitions on one system, and then pull them from various systems around the globe when creating WF instances. We want to be able to have a zOS related WF that calls a DB2 related WF (example: bind some packages). Both W...
13 days ago in z/OS / z/OSMF 0 Future consideration

Increase / disable the size limit of 100 MB for uploading files from our workstation.

Some vendors don´t have the option to sFTP files direct from their servers to mainframe environment. SMEs needs to download required data (from vendor web site) in their workstation and upload it using WINscp or any other vendor tool (license cost...
about 1 month ago in z/OS / z/OSMF 0 Future consideration

z/OSMF workflow engine to provide access to zOSMF JWT/LTPA token

When creating a zOSMF workflow step that invokes an External RESTapi, it would be useful to have access to the current z/OSMF user's JWT token in order to use the bearer token in an API call for other z/OS services. APIs that go through Zowe's API...
2 months ago in z/OS / z/OSMF 0 Future consideration