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make z/OS FTP does support MLSD

z/OS FTP does not support MLSD, therefore, in Filzilla and other FTP clients, files with more than 99 exdents are not displayed in the file list, with MLSD this would be possible
5 days ago in z/OS / Communications Server 1 Future consideration

System Recovery Boost for OMVS subsystem

For now, we can't classify OMVS address space as BOOST on WLM policy. So if i have Middleware Recovery Boost who launch an OMVS address space who consume lot of CPU GCP time i don't take any advantage of BOOST feature. For example, ZOWE software c...
1 day ago in z/OS / BCP_Capacity Provisioning 0 Submitted

Enhancements to ACEECHK

Add clarification to IRR421I messages and granularity to the Failure option to allow for a more gradual implementation rather than a sledgehammer approach. This would benefit RACF Administrators gradually rolling out the failure option and help RA...
1 day ago in z/OS / RACF 0 Submitted

Add Support For Read Only 3390 DASD When Running In LPAR

Maintenance of base and middleware on z/OS systems in my shop is performed on a master system. When new z/OS systems are created, these master volumes are copied to the new system. The cloned system LPARs quickly get out of sync with the master sy...
2 days ago in z/OS / Core Infrastructure 0 Submitted

zERT Network Analyzer - Timezone adjustment with date/time for import

While loading data into zERT the start and end time reported in the 'Data Management History' tab is not the local or system time. It seems to be UTC and this cannot be changed via the Settings. As I would like to see those times in the local time...
4 days ago in z/OS / Communications Server 0 Future consideration

Restore a non SMS extended addressable LDS to an SMS managed Volume

Per error message in the log: Issue :0ADR971E (001)-FDSRL(04), LOGICAL RESTORE FOR CLUSTER ISV.JAVA.V11.OMVS.JAVAROOT IN CATALOG ICFCAT.SHR.ISV FAILED, 8 Error: The source data set is a NONSMS extended addressable VSAM LDS and the target data set ...
3 days ago in z/OS / DFSMS DSS 0 Submitted

HCD: List which PCIe Functions are attached to an LPAR from „Partition List”

Today we are using OSA Express Cards on our native Linux on IBM zSystems LPARs for network access. To check if the shared cards are defined correct to the LPAR we use the “Partition List” within a CSS, (v) View attached channel paths.Now we also u...
18 days ago in z/OS / HCD 1 Future consideration

Instruction-execution-protection support should be provided for CPOOLs and IARCP64 and IARST64.

For the same reasons support is available in IARV64 and STORAGE OBTAIN/RELEASE: System integrity
4 days ago in z/OS / BCP_Storage Management (inc. RSM/ASM/VSM/DIV) 0 Under review

DSFS Utility file system name specification.

DSFS looks for "filename.SYSNAME" allocation of the liniear dataset, even when specifying only "filename" in the BPXPRMxx paramaters. Remove the requirement for "filename.SYSNAME" and use what is specified in BPXPRMxx member (do not add .SYSNAME a...
4 days ago in z/OS / z/OS File System (zFS) 1 Functionality already exists

System SSL HTTP CRL request should understand all valid HTTP/1.0 or HTTP/1.1 protocol responses

At the moment System SSL describes the following requirement:"System SSL uses the HTTP/1.1 protocol to send the HTTP CRL request and requires an HTTP/1.0 or HTTP/1.1 protocol response.The HTTP response must include a valid content-length field tha...
about 1 month ago in z/OS / SSL 0 Under review