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Provide a user authorization and permissions agent compatible with Red Hat FreeIPA

Red Hat is investing in creating a user and security based tool for identity management and open sourcing the result as FreeIPA ( I would like to suggest making a CMS client for FreeIPA to allow VM user management with FreeIPA. I ...
about 10 hours ago in z/VM 0 Submitted

Increase CP areas to maximum supported size on VM installs

Historically, VM delivered a modest average size for most CP areas like ckpt, warmstart, and directory. Now that disk is no longer really constrained on most systems and VM management skills are increasingly rare, increasing the reserved areas to ...
16 days ago in z/VM 0 Submitted

Increase limit for z/VM VSwitch HiperSocket Bridge Port connectivity to LPAR

Customer environment uses VSWITCH with a hipersocket bridge and OSA to use a single network that spans CECs. In z/VM 720 the maximum is four LPARs per CEC that can connect to the hipersocket bridge. At DND each CEC has between eight to twelve zVM ...
6 days ago in z/VM 0 Submitted

Enhance CMS abend handlers with 64 bit support

Now zCMS is becoming the default CMS, applications wanting to utilize 64 bits mode, can switch to AMODE 31 before calling a CMS API, but that is not true for abend handlers.Abend handlers are called with the same AMODE as they were initialzed, but...
7 days ago in z/VM 0 Submitted

Support multiple PDR volumes for redundancy

Currently there can only be one PDR volume for an SSI cluster. If the storage host where the PDR volume resides goes down or something happens to that volume, all the systems in the cluster go down. Even if there are other storage host and a z/VM ...
3 months ago in z/VM 0 Under review

z/VM enhancement requested for z/OS GUESTS exploiting HYPERPAV

Extending the z/VM MSS (Multiple Subchannel Set) management to allow z/VM and its guests exploiting HyperPAV (e.g z/OS).REQUIRED for customers who are close to the 64K limit of UCB in SS0 of LCSS. More details in the attachement.
3 months ago in z/VM 0 Under review

Set system-wide indication that CMS products and configuration files in SFS are preferred,

Provide a method to indicate whether CMS and CP sources and CMS products are installed in SFS (rather than minidisk) and access a SFS directory in place of configuration minidisks when required.
about 1 month ago in z/VM 0 Submitted

More than 2TB memory limit for z/VM

Customer's Oracle DB 19c is growing rapidly as the end-users increase from 14k to 20k. In the coming year, they expect to reach 60k users. More memory is required to eliminate performance and log-in issues. The current z/VM 7.2 LPAR only has 2TB r...
about 1 month ago in z/VM 0 Under review

Implement the existing, but not yet supported, TLStimeout parameter for IUCV IOCTL socket calls

When using IUCV IOCTL calls, in particular SIOCSECCLIENT and SIOCSECSERVER to secure an established socket connection, I have seen cases where the call sits indefinitely with no response or failure. Because the documented TLStimeout has not been i...
3 months ago in z/VM 2 Under review

CP directory statements USER and IDENTITY should allow at least 12 character passwords

In case of z/VM a recovery, where RACF is uninitialized or unresponsive, RACF defers the LOGON authorisation decision to z/VM. Which means that an 8 character CP directory password is used to logon to z/VM. These passwords are expected to be saved...
about 1 month ago in z/VM 0 Future consideration